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Hillsborough enquiry

Published: 21 October 2013

At No 2 Regional Meeting at Harrogate on Saturday, Sheffield and South Yorkshire  Narpo  Reps gave an update on the Hillsborough Enquiry and its effect.   As the disaster took place over 24 yrs ago, many of the officers involved have now retired and many are Narpo members. Operation Resolve is based at Warrington and has 172 staff. 442 officers have been identified and are initially all being offered interviews as witnesses. Op. Resolve staff and IPCC are conducting joint interviews at agreed time and place with a draft statement being later presented to the witness for consideration. A signed statement  is produced but the witness is not allowed to have a copy.   We understand this is decreed by the Coroner and is to prevent collusion and untimely release to the media.  Any individuals who risk prosecution will then be re-interviewed.   IPCC chief Deborah Glass has allegedly stated that they will not be revealing some thus far unused 'evidence' until after this time. Some members are of the  opinion that any means whatsoever will be used to discredit SY Police and this is supported politically.  Some ex officers have even been questioned about freemasonry. Narpo  are seeking to give support to those called to the inquiry next March/ April at Warrington. The Staff Associations will be providing legal representation where appropriate.    Below is a message from Steve Edwards - Dep CEO Narpo  

We have been approached by the IPCC who are willing to prepare a  Question and Answer type briefing for us based on any questions our members may have. 

There will undoubtedly be some areas and questions they will not be able to  cover. 

If you or your members have  any questions you wish to put  to the IPCC re the  Hillsborough enquiry please submit them to me at this email address before the end of October. 


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